Lead Sheet Service

Professional Music Transcription and Lead Sheet Services

The chart was very helpful and seems to be spot on. Glad to find you and will use your services again.

Professional Music Transcription and Lead Sheet Services

Professional Quality Charts and Lead Sheets Make a Big Difference

As a working musician I know the value of good charts and lead sheets and I know how to make them so musicians can easily read them down. No confusion, no questions, just easy to read music.

You can hire the best musicians for studio sessions and club dates, but if your charts are confusing or hard to read, your sessions will cost twice as much and your gigs will suffer as your sidemen struggle to make good music.

When a vocalist hands me a folder of dog eared hand written charts covered in years of pencil marks, I know it’s the beginning of a long night. However, if it’s a book of professional looking charts that make it easy to play the music, I’m all smiles.

Prices: lead sheets, chart modernization, transcriptions, chart editing

My baseline price is $60/hr. Work such as chart modernization – turn hand written and other old lead sheets into professionally published charts – usually takes less than 30 minutes per page. A transcription from an mp3 or video file can take much longer depending on the complexity of the music. If you have any questions about how much your project might cost, I can usually give you a fairly accurate estimate.

All fees must be paid before I send you the chart(s).


I will try to make time for same day service, however there will be a price increase.

Expertise and Experience

I started making lead sheets and charts in the 1980’s and have written charts for dozens of vocalists I’ve worked with, broken down orchestra scores into small band situations, and transcribed hundreds of songs and solos. I do lead sheet and chart work fast and accurately and will always work with you to get it right.

Lead Sheet Services and Professional Transcription Service
  • Chart Modernization

    This is a must if you have a folder of faded handwritten charts. Do yourself and your sidemen a favor and get your charts professionally published.

  • Transcriptions

    If your music is recorded but not written down, it will be tough to have a studio session. This service takes your music and turns it into studio and stage ready charts. Video, mp3, any format works.

  • Lead Sheets

    Sometimes you just want a lead sheet of some music. It could be from Bach or Billy Joel sheetmusic or an orchestral score such as Star Wars or James Bond. If you want something to pass out to your players, this is for you.