Scot Ranney, Jazz Piano

Scot Ranney is a professional Bellingham jazz piano player and Nord Keyboards artist.

Scot is working on a new recording project and needs your help!
Please visit Scot’s Keyboard Fund page for details.
(an airport security vs. musical instrument nightmare…)

Bellingham, Washington jazz piano player Scot Ranney began performing internationally in 1991 and plays piano in places such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Scot also plays music in Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, and other west coast locations.

Contact Scot for jazz piano, cocktail piano, piano trio, and small to medium sized bands for your venue, party, festival and other events.

Scot is involved in music education and enjoys doing master classes at University jazz programs around the world. He also does one-on-one lessons and runs jazz clinics at schools, online, and at jazz camps.

Scot’s international music improvisation curriculum helps bridge the gap between reading and creating music by treating music styles as languages. This ear to fingers curriculum and can be used at any level, from beginner to pro, and with any musical style. Contact Scot for more information.

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