Jazz Piano – Scot Ranney

Jazz pianist from Bellingham, Washington, available for U.S. and overseas opportunities.

Scot plays solo jazz piano in Vancouver, B.C. as well, and leads jazz bands for any occasion in B.C. and other parts of Canada.

Specializes in jazz and cocktail piano, leading small to medium size jazz groups with vocals or without, in all types of venues for all occasions.

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Last year, Scot’s Nord Stage 2 keyboard was virtually destroyed by TSA without any compensation.
Please visit Scot’s Keyboard Fund page if you would like to help.

Scot Ranney’s international piano career began in 1991 when he had the opportunity to play in a rhythm and blues/jazz band with the late great James “Curly” Cooke. It all started in a hazy underground hotel nightclub just up the hill from the infamous Itaewan district in Seoul, South Korea. Scot Ranney, Jazz Piano

Since then, Scot has played piano and led bands in Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and a host of other amazing places. Back home in the Pacific Northwest Scot plays jazz piano in Bellingham, Vancouver, Seattle, and other cities in the area.

Scot’s music is positive and funky and he engages the audience musically and personally. You see feet tapping, faces smiling, and most of all, people are having fun.

Scot provides solo jazz piano music, cocktail piano, piano trio, and small to medium sized bands for your venue, party, festivals and other events.

Over the years Scot has put together a diverse collection of bands for clients and venues. His bands have proven to be sophisticated and classy and help create the kind of atmosphere the venue or event requires.

Scot’s musicians are held to the highest professional standards and his bands are equally respectful and friendly to guests, customers, and employees. His philosophy is that in addition to playing great music, the band members are ambassadors to the venue, promoting it while they are on the premises or off.

The Scot Ranney Trio is a swinging jazz piano trio with a super-tasty mix of classic jazz and just enough popular and local music to create a mix of entertainment everyone can enjoy. This is the type of music Scot has focused on for the majority of his career as a professional jazz pianist, and this music has consistently been well received by local and international audiences during this time.

Piano and Bass duos are perfect when a trio is not needed. The duo provides an excellent sound that gives a room a sophisticated ambiance without demanding attention.

Chico’s Paradise is a reggae/jazz/rock/funk band specializing in music that is fun, easy to dance to, and is a nice mix of jazz and other styles. Chico’s plays at Mt. Baker Ski Area during the winter seasons and around Bellingham in the off season. Currently, this band has Travis Ranney on sax, Kevin Chryst on drums, Andrew Simmons on bass, and Scot Ranney on keys.

The Ranney Brothers is a jazz saxophone and piano duo with Travis Ranney on saxophone and Scot on piano. This music is perfect for events that need more than a solo piano but don’t need a band.

Music Education is a passion of Scot’s and he enjoys teaching jazz and jazz piano at camps and other jazz education programs from Bellingham to Hong Kong.

The International Music Improvisation Curriculum (IMIC) is one of Scot’s projects and has been created to help bridge the gap between reading music and making music. IMIC does this by treating music styles as languages and improvisation as conversation. The IMIC curriculum can be taught to music students of all ages and experience levels and is equally effective with any instrumentation or musical style. It is perfect for classical pianists who are looking for a way into jazz. Contact Scot for information.

Jazz Piano Lessons: Contact Scot if you’re in the Bellingham/Vancouver area and want to take face-to-face jazz lessons. If you are too far away for in-person lessons, Scot also teaches using Google Hangouts. Scot came from a classical background and can help classical pianists transition into jazz.