Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong – July-Jan 2015

The band - Andy Simmons, Felicity Visic, Scot Ranney

I’m playing music at the Captain’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong from July 2015 to January. I have Andrew Simmons with me playing bass and Felicity Visic is singing.

Andy started out playing with me in the 90’s at the JJ Mahoney’s club in the Seoul Grand Hyatt. That was a crazy gig, but we’ve been playing together on and off ever since and that has really helped the music for this gig be a lot of fun.

Sometimes a hotel gig can get old fast but with fun musicians around you it’s easier to stay positive when you’re playing six nights a week.

Scot Ranney at the Captain's Bar

This is my piano spot Monday through Saturday starting at 9pm

The band - Andy Simmons, Felicity Visic, Scot Ranney

The band sitting at the Captain’s Bar drinking the Captain’s Orders, a sort of Mai-Tai lookalike.