Why You Need to Replace Your Electric Shaver Blades and Foil

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Using an electric shaver is great. Electric shavers are fast, easy, painless, and convenient.

Until they aren’t.

When your beard is tough as iron wool and grows a quarter inch in three days, it’s not always easy to find an electric shaver that works as advertised. Instead you get a bristle pulling torture device.

Find Replacement Blades and Foils Now

In 2010 I decided to buy a quality electric shaver and found a Panasonic electric shaver for around $250. I still use it today. My Panasonic shaver cuts through three days of beard like it wasn’t there.

Here’s the modern version of my shaver, and if you’re feeling generous, order two and send me one: Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Bad Electric Shaver Razor Foils

My Panasonic started shaving poorly when it was five years old. I had to go over spots more than once and put up with annoying random bites and nicks. It had also become so noisy that I left earplugs in the bathroom.

I decided to take a look at the online instruction manual (crazy, huh?) and found out that I was supposed to replace the foil and blades every year. I was five years overdue so I ordered a replacement set for around $30.

When the replacement foil and blades arrived, I tested them out on three days of hair on my face. Here’s what happened.

First, world peace. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but I could tell that’s what happened.

Second, my Panasonic shaver was quiet again, humming like a baby Lamborghini.

Third, my electric shaver worked like new again.

The new foil and blade replacements cut through the ancient petrified lawn forest of death bristles on my face like it wasn’t there.

I had totally forgotten how good my electric shaver could be until I replaced the foil and blades.

The moral of the story is, when your electric shaver owners manual says to change out your blades and foils every year, take the advice seriously.