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  • Carrickfergus

    Scot Ranney's arrangement of Carrickfergus

  • Danny Boy

    Scot Ranney's arrangement of Danny Boy

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This arrangement of the classic Irish tune Carrickfergus is a mixture of jazz and modern Celtic harmonies. Fairly easy and fun to play.

Danny Boy

This arrangement of the classic Irish tune Danny Boy is a mixture of jazz and modern Celtic harmonies. Easy and fun.

Amazing Grace, easy boogie woogie style

This version of Amazing Grace has a fairly easy left hand and some simple but effective blues embellishments in the right. You could use the right hand material in any Bb blues style song, solo or jamming with a group. You can also play it a bit faster and it will sound great.

Great song for anyone wanting to add some blues licks to their piano playing.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Sometimes hymn music can be some of the greatest music for blues and other styles. This is a solo jazz piano arrangement of a popular hymn, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. This arrangement includes a written improvisation, a walking left hand bass line, and chord symbols for reference and learning.

The piece also includes many common jazz tendencies such as reharmonizations, leading chords, and chords that sustain and resolve. The chord voicings are a mixture of what you might hear guys like Keith Jarrett, Monty Alexander, Bill Mays, and other great solo players put into their music.