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(see “The End of Stars” piano video below)

A Musician’s Airport Nightmare…

My beloved performance keyboard (Nordy the Nord) was brutally damaged during air travel a few months ago and sadly did not survive the encounter. In fact, it’s worse than that, NORDY WAS MURDERED (see below for the gory details.)

While I am heartbroken and depressed by this tragedy, it is important that I move forward now and replace Nordy. Making music is my primary form of income and the fact that my keyboard doesn’t work for solo piano has become a financial and personal problem.

I talked to several authorized Nord technicians about repairing Nordy. The repair cost is almost as much as buying a new keyboard. With this in mind, I’ve decided to replace Nordy (RIP) with a Nord Stage 2 EX, Nord’s new flagship keyboard.

But I can’t do this without your help!!

There are certain realities to being a musician, one of which is I am damn straight broke. Please help me help myself, and donate here:

If you prefer to use the mail, please send your check to:
Scot Ranney, 3313 Alderwood Ave, Bellingham WA 98225
Thank you!
Donations as of Sept 12:
goal: $5000

Everyone who donates to my keyboard fund will get a complimentary copy of my new project “Where Old Cats Go” as soon as it’s finished and anyone who donates $250 or more will also receive a certificate worth an evening of piano music from me.

Do you know anyone who might want to help?

The Gory Details

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I had just returned to Bellingham after spending the last six and a half months playing piano in Hong Kong and I was ready to start recording my new project.

That night I took the keyboard out to set it up. The first thing I saw were broken keys at the left end. That’s when I began noticing just how mangled my keyboard was, and then I wondered if the keys would work. Worst case scenario? Apart from the obvious damage it would be if the keys didn’t work.

So I reached in the way someone might crane their neck to give themselves a chance to see the aftermath of an accident on the side of the road. The keys looked. I tested them. The keys didn’t move. A quick inspection revealed that the left front corner had been crunched in a way that twisted the keyboard so that it wasn’t flat or square.

Then I took the top off my keyboard and saw just how thoroughly violent it’s demise had been. It was like someone took Nordy’s existence as a personal insult.

At first I thought someone had dropped it, but then I realized that the only way it could have sustained this kind of damage is if someone had tried to pry it open.

Someone had jammed something under the keys and tried to pry open my keyboard like a rusty old can of red paint. It would have worked, too, if only they had removed the screws first. I can only imagine the splintering sounds of destruction as plastic, metal, and wood snapped under the pressure.

Some of the damage includes:

  • twisted the keyboard in two different directions in it’s sheet metal body
  • popped welds on the stanchions that hold the inner frame to the outer frame
  • stripped and broke other frame hardware
  • tore wood screws out
  • pulled metal screws through the body
  • destroyed two keys and severely damaged others

The result is that after my own repair attempts (and I’m pretty good at that kind of stuff) the top two thirds of the keyboard are in excellent shape while the low end of the keyboard doesn’t play without being pounded on. A certified repair technician said that a proper repair would include installing a new internal and external frame at a relatively enormous cost, and it still might not play right.

This is why I’m replacing my keyboard and hope that you will help me. Thank you for your consideration!